Monday, July 3, 2017

That Senate Health Care Plan

A new Fox News poll about the U.S. Senate's health care plan ain't pretty for Republicans and those hoping to "repeal and replace" Obamacare. Scroll down to Question 25, or just look at the graphic below that summarizes the results. As you can see, the 43 percent "strongly oppose" dominates compared to the meager 11 percent who "strongly favor" the proposed law.

If you dig deeper into the crosstabs you'll find women oppose the Senate plan more than men (58-50 percent), Among Republicans, 25 percent oppose the plan, and 24 percent of "Trump voters" say they oppose it. Oddly, better educated or higher income respondents were more likely to oppose it than those who would be hit hardest by the law, those with less education and income.

The takeaway? The Senate proposal is in bad shape, and this from a Fox poll. That doesn't mean the Senate may cook up a different approach (repeal with no replace), but it shows just how unpopular the present plan is. Oh, and Obamacare? Below is the change from March 2015 to this most recent Fox poll (just Fox numbers, not other pollsters). Obamacare is doing pretty good.

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