Thursday, July 13, 2017

Online Polls

I've been slow to get to this, other than a Twitterspat on the topic of polls. The Red & Black ran an online poll about campus carry. The results are below.

I'm a well-established of online polls and I don't want to repeat my disgust with SLOPs any more. I'm tired of doing it, tired of no one listening. Let's face it, I'm pooped. So it's a crap sample of a few hundred people who happened to stumble across the web page and felt the urge to click a button and vote. By the way, the results are slightly different now as the poll is still up, so feel free to vote yourself. I voted indifferent because, dammit, I always pull for the underdog.

Other than a lousy sample, I'm also not too sure about the metric here, what we in the public opinion biz call the response alternatives. In other words, the answers allowed. There are four, two of them negative, one of them positive, one of them, well, indifferent. Does this make sense? Not as presented. Angry could be angry about passage, angry about the restrictions on carrying a concealed weapon (no faculty offices, no dorms, etc.). So we can't say its a continuum from Pleased through Concerned to Angry, not in the way the results are presented. I might have labeled two answers for each positive or negative, or some such. One way to interpret these results is 57.2 percent don't like it (angry or concerned) and just over a third (37.9 percent) are okay with it. Another way to interpret it is more people are pleased than they are angry or concerned. Feel free to spin it any way you want, because the sample itself makes the results unimportant.

Given this is kinda old now, I'm not even gonna tweet a link here. I pick on the R&B enough, as is.

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