Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Comparing Years for UGA Parking Tix

I wrote yesterday about parking ticket data. Let's compare 2015-16 academic year with the 2016-17 academic year on the most popular lots to see parking tickets. Why? Because it's my blog. I can do what I want.

Legion Pool
Legion Pool
Ramsey Center
Ramsey Center
E. River Road
Carlton St.
Ramsey Lower
West Campus Deck
North River Road
E. River Road
Driftmier Eng
Railroad Lot
Academic Achievement
Health Sciences
Carlton St.
W. Coliseum
Life Sciences Upper
Kappa Alpha
Health Sciences
North Hull

As you can see, the top two lots remain the same, but after that we get into something of a random shuffle that's probably not random at all but more due to construction near those lots or other factors I'm not aware of. Take West Campus Deck, for example. In the 2015-16 data it's way down the list, ranked 100th. Why, I don't know, but probably some student can tell me what caused this. The Railroad Lot is also high in 16-17 but it's 11th in 15-16, just off our Top Ten list, so no biggie. West Coliseum is high in 16-17 but was 24th in the previous year, perhaps due to construction around the nearby new science learning center.

So all in all, the lot lists are relatively consistent. They're the most popular and larger lots, hence they attract more illegal parking, and thus more tickets. For fun I dug back into my 2010-11 academic year data and, yes, the lots look more or less the same. Keep in mind some lots didn't exist back then or their names have changed or they're completely gone due to construction. Here's the Top Ten from 2010-2011:
  1. Ramsey Center
  2. Ramsey Lower
  3. Chi Psi House
  4. Carlton St.
  5. North River Road
  6. Rutherford Hall
  7. Railroad/Training
  8. Psychology Clinic
  9. Baxter Lumpkin
  10. E. River Road
Ramsey is always popular, and therefore draws students (and sometimes faculty and staff) with creative parking skills. The Psychology Clinic gets a lot of tickets for relatively few parking spaces, most of which are never used by patients but operate as a nice mousetrap for student parkers.

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