Friday, June 2, 2017

Yet More Campus Carry

UGA just sent out an updated list of questions and answers about how Georgia's "campus carry" law will be implemented. I've uploaded a PDF version of the email here, if you'd like to read it. I wrote about the previous email here.

I'm gonna nitpick one point it makes.
Can faculty members ask students to identify themselves if they are carrying handguns or ask students who carry handguns to take different classes? No. State law grants license-holders the ability to carry handguns to public college and university classes (except those in which high school students are enrolled), and faculty members may not ask license-holders to reveal that they are carrying concealed handguns or in any way discourage them from doing what they are legally allowed to do.
Well, I'm not sure the law prohibits me as a professor from asking whether anyone is packing. It's not as if carrying a legal concealed weapon is a "protected class," like asking for a student's sexual preference or orientation. That said -- and this is important -- a student is under no obligation to answer such a question. Otherwise the list is fairly straightforward and you'd hardly need UGA's crack legal crew to figure out the answers.

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