Monday, May 15, 2017

Outgunned on Campus

This just occurred to me: I'm gonna be outgunned on the UGA campus.

Georgia's new "campus carry" law makes an exception for faculty offices. That's good. I don't want to tell a student why he/she/it didn't get the grade he/she/it wanted while he/she/it is packing a sidearm. By Georgia law, in my office at least, we're both unarmed and, well ....

Here's the rub ... and why I'm outgunned: I don't drive to campus. I ride with my wife every morning, who works elsewhere on campus, on the far side, and I often take a bus home. So by law, if I get a permit for my .357, I can't bring it to work, or at least to my office. So other than hiding it in a bush outside my building, I'd go to class unarmed while my students can arrive armed.

So I'm already outgunned. I'll be bringing a briefcase to a gun fight.

The answer? Spring for a parking permit, I suppose, though I haven't had one for five or so years, mainly as both of my kids, as students, had parking permits, and I saw no reason to pay for a fourth parking place. Now that both of my kids have graduated I may have to reconsider.


Just hit me. The college needs a gun locker. That's the solution. When I see the dean, I'm sure he'll be open to spending money on that.

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