Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Campus Carry in Georgia

Georgia's governor has not (at this writing) signed or vetoed the so-called "campus carry" law. He may allow it to become law without his signature, which could happen sometime next week, I believe. Regardless, odds are it's going to become law and go into effect later this summer.

Which raises an important question -- do I get a gun?

By this I mean a campus gun. I own a handgun but it's a .357 magnum and heavy for everyday campus wear, so let's hold it in reserve. In fact, to not be tacky, I need a gun for every day of the week. A Monday gun is different than, say, a Friday gun. A Monday gun is all business. Serious. Angry, even. A Wednesday gun is hopeful but tired. A Friday gun is happy.

What's a happy gun? Small caliber, like a .22. A little funky. What's a Monday gun? Maybe my trusty .357, but I'm thinking that's still too big to lug across campus. A Glock 9 mm sounds good. By Wednesday I need a weapon that reflects hump day. Suggestions welcome, but a snubnose .38 sounds good to me. As to Tuesdays and Thursdays, I'm thinking the same gun for those days, but I have no idea yet what it should be. And I'm talking handguns here.

Seriously, how many students will be packing once this becomes law? I'm guessing on my campus, maybe a hundred, no more than a couple hundred. I can see this become a "thing" among the frat guys, but the cost and paperwork may dissuade most folks from bothering. I certainly hope so.

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