Monday, April 3, 2017

Driving Alone

Another post based on my playing with 2017 health data, today's installment looking at "driving alone" in your long commute, which is considered -- believe it or not -- as unhealthy. So in Georgia what counties lead the way in driving alone? Glad you asked since I cranked the data and need to do something with it. Below, our Top Ten with, in parentheses, the percentage who report driving alone on long commutes.

  1. Paulding (63%)
  2. Heard (60%)
  3. Bryan (58%)
  4. Jasper (58%)
  5. Brantley (58%)
  6. Talbot (57%)
  7. Crawford (55%)
  8. Pike (55%)
  9. Effingham (55%)
  10. Hancock (55%)
By the way, the county with the fewest folks percentage-wise driving alone is Dougherty.  Clarke County, where I live, is 148th.

So what can we tell about the counties above? Folks who live there have to drive elsewhere to work.

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