Thursday, March 16, 2017

2017's Happiest Places -- Sorta

Source: WalletHub

Wallethub, which loves to crank data and create clickable shareable content, has its 2017 happiest cities to live list out. Click on the link and you can sort the list lots of different ways, the most obvious one being by rank. California dominates among the highest ranking cities. The first Georgia city, Atlanta, comes in at #83.

Athens, Georgia, where I live and pretend to work, is not on the list. At all. Mainly because Athens, though a metro area, isn't among the 150 biggest cities in the U.S. We missed the cut, basically. Way missed it. By one list, we're 218th largest metropolitan area with a population of 213,189. The metro area with at #150, on that same list, has 340K. If we go by city population rather than metro area, we're at #221 in population. So either way you crank the numbers, we're not even close to the 150 mark and being included on this particular list.

How would Athens do if it did make the list? I'm not about to crank all the weighted data listed on Wallethub's methodology page, so you'll just have to wonder, but we'd have to score higher than Atlanta.

Oh, Detroit and Cleveland score the worst. Coming in at the third worst is Augusta, Georgia, surprising absolutely no one who has spent time there. Columbus, Georgia, is also high -- in terms of being the worst. So congrats to those Georgia cities for being noticed, if in a bad way.

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