Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Some States Are NOT for Lovers

So there's this study out that ranks the states in terms of attachment anxiety and attachment avoidance. Virginia is for Lovers? Not so much.

Here are the Top Ten in terms of attachment anxiety. The list for avoidance is similar, but not a perfect match. Virginia, FYI, is in the middle of the pack.

  1. North Dakota (surprising given it's so cold)
  2. West Virginia (unsurprising)
  3. New York (insert NYC joke here)
  4. Kentucky (meth?)
  5. Kansas (what's wrong with Kansas? Now we know)
  6. Connecticut (I got nothing)
  7. Missouri (see Kentucky above)
  8. Ohio (I blame THE Ohio State University)
  9. Texas (of course)
  10. Rhode Island (I doubt its existence)
Who is the most cuddly, or the least anxious?
  1. Mississippi (you're kidding, right?)
  2. Alaska (colder than even North Dakota)
  3. Vermont (ditto)
  4. Utah (Mormons cuddle?)
  5. Wisconsin (after all that beer)
  6. Louisiana (my wife is Cajun. No comment)
  7. Minnesota (nothing else to do)
  8. Arizona (old folks cuddling?)
  9. Oregon (I got nothing)
  10. North Carolina (but in separate bathrooms)
If you look at the actual study you'll see the numbers and rankings. There's a decent correlation between the two scores (r = .58), and North Dakota leads on both.

Georgia, by the way, ranks 25th in attachment anxiety and 16th in attachment avoidance. For what that's worth.

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