Friday, December 16, 2016

UGA Salaries

The 2016 UGA salary data is available, so let's do our annual peek at all the folks who make far more a year than I do.

For a first blush, let's look at the top salaries. They are:
  1. Jere Morehead (president) $818,775.11
  2. William McGarity (athletic director) $575,000.04
  3. Pamela Whitten (provost) $406,980.00
  4. Henry Schaefer (department head) 598,334.70
  5. Benjamin Ayers (dean) $385,350.00
  6. Tracy Rocker (coach) 385,000.00
  7. Jason Colquitt (professor) $371,207.70
  8. Kelly Kerner (vice president) $349,650.00
  9. Jeffry Netter (department head) $347,370.50
  10. James Sherrer (coach) $331,249.96
OK, look hard at that list and wonder, where's Kirby Smart, the head foohbah coach? He's way down the list with a measly $227.536.21 annual salary. Huh? Because most of his salary comes not through state dollars than athletic department funds, so that's the only part listed in official Georgia data. He makes in the millions.

Doing averages for titles like assistant professor is possible, but problematic. If you're curious, the average salary for an assistant professor is $87,980.55. Keep in mind that sometimes people leave, or start halfway through the fiscal year, and the numbers can be a bit weird. There are several assistant professors listed below $10,000. The average for associate professors is $100,736.04. For full professors (that's me), it's $127,069.64. To be clear, I don't make the average (insert bitterness here).

Bitterness II

I'm a full professor. There are many assistant professors who make far more than me (one listed at $275.726.80 ... and, sigh, yes, most of these are at the biz school). In fact, I count 19 assistant professors who make in excess of $200K. WTF.


The salary data includes travel monies. Lots of these come from grants or are part of the job, so don't freak out. That said, here are the Top Five travelers, at least in terms of money listed.
  1. Scott Jackson (professor) $53,149.72
  2. William Eiland (department head) $50,464.39
  3. Biao He (professor) $45,093.95
  4. Robert Kakaire (research professional) $41,253.40
  5. M.H. Lee (professor) $38.083.70
I could go on and on, but why bother. There is a pretty good correlation between salary and travel (r = .52, for you statistical nerds out there). In total, $18,430,000.18 was spent on travel. That's $18.4 million. That's a lot of Delta skymiles.

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