Thursday, November 10, 2016

Clinton, Trump, and Georgia

Just messing around, Hillary Clinton did better in Georgia among those who voted early as compared to those who voted on Election Day. She still lost in both cases, just not as much.

  • Early: Clinton (46.6%), Trump (51.2%)
  • Election Day: Clinton (44.7), Trump (51.2%)
  • Absentee by Mail: Clinton (46.9%), Trump (50.0%)
  • Provisional: Clinton (42%), Trump (56%) very few of these, by the way
  • TOTAL: Clinton (45.8%), Trump (51.1%)
In Georgia there was a 76.25 percent turnout, or 4,152,100 votes cast compared to 5,445,078 registered voters. These are unofficial results. Numbers may move around a bit.

So as you can see above, Clinton had about two percentage points more votes in early voting, which fits the usual expectations of more Democrats taking advantage of advanced voting. Still that wasn't enough to win Georgia (or pretty much lots of other places).

Others have broken down the Clinton-Trump race by counties and regions, so I see no reason to recreate that analysis here. 

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