Thursday, October 20, 2016

Debate Fun Facts

A few fun facts from the third and, thank you Lord, final presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

  • Trump used the word tremendous eight times, three of them in a single answer. Clinton never used the word.
  • The word wrong was used 10 times. The moderator, Chris Wallace, used it four times (twice in a single question). The rest belonged to Trump, including four times in a row where the transcript simply has him saying "wrong." again and again and again.
  • Putin's name shows up 16 times. Trump may not know Putin, but he knows how to use his name, including three times in a single answer.
  • Puppet shows up five times, one by Clinton to start the exchange and then these gems from Trump:
      • "No puppet. No puppet."
      • "No puppet. No puppet."
      • "You're the puppet."
      • "No, you're the puppet."
  • The word women shows up 36 times, in part due to the abortion discussion, in part Trump's responses to allegations by women, but a lot by Clinton herself. I didn't find any mention of men. Sexist debates.

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