Thursday, August 25, 2016

UGA Football Parking Tix

Updated Info Below

It's coming up on UGA football season again (Go Dawgs). As I play with data from all parking tickets written on campus last academic year, it makes sense to look specifically at football parking violations. Here's the short answer -- there were 133 tickets (out of 23,265) that have "football parking" listed as the violation.

I assume some other tickets written on football Saturdays may be listed under some other charge, like "sidewalk/grass," but maybe not. Anyway, here's a breakdown of where the football parking tickets were written:
  • South campus deck: 64 tix
  • North campus deck: 37 tix
  • Carlton Street deck: 24 tix
  • PAC (on east campus, near Music): 8 tix
Obviously each and every one of these were written on a Saturday (duh). Indeed, only 134 parking tickets were written all year on a Saturday, and 133 of them were for football day violations. Yup, we have our priorities in order here at UGA.


I had some more time and played around with the football ticket data. Here are a few factoids:
  • All but one football ticket was written in the morning, nearly all between 6 and 8. Makes sense.
  • There were 19 tickets on 9/5, the first game day, and 28 on the second game day (9/19). I lost interest in counting after that. Sue me.
  • The type of car that parks illegally on game days doesn't look all that different from other tickets, with Toyota leading the way, followed by a tie for second between Honda and Nissan.
  • Same with color, the most popular football day illegal parker drives a black vehicle. Two illegal parkers drove orange cars, the same Kia hatchback on two different days (you thought it'd be a Tennessee fan, didn't you?).
  • Often it appears the same car parked illegally on different game days. I can't be sure about this because I don't have unique identifiers for the vehicles, just the tickets, but for example a black, 4-door Audi got tickets on four different game days in the same lot. Asses. I see this a lot in the data, too often to be coincidence. The same Mercedez-Benz (I suspect) has tickets in the same lot on two different game days. 

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