Monday, August 29, 2016

New College Rankings

Yet another college rankings is out, though this one is different. Washington Monthly's methodology includes student outcomes you don't normally find in other rankings. Yes there's research rate and graduation rate, but also Peace Corps and community service, and salaries students make upon graduation.

Here's the link to the national university list. UGA, where I teach, is #55. Not terrible. Here's the list of SEC schools in order, with national ranking in parentheses:
  1. Texas A&M (6)
  2. Florida (18)
  3. Vanderbilt (22)
  4. UGA (55)
  5. Missouri (80)
  6. LSU (98)
  7. South Carolina (109)
  8. Auburn (139)
  9. Tennessee (172)
  10. Arkansas (208)
  11. Kentucky (216)
  12. Alabama (260)
That Bama ranking. Ouch. Just ouch. University of Alabama-Birmingham is #124, the highest in the state (best I can tell, just eyeballing the data). 

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