Monday, May 16, 2016

UGA Buildings

In a moment of summer boredom (yes, it's summer, if you're an academic), I messed around with some data to see how many buildings UGA owns and where they're located. I know, I know ... sounds dull, and obvious. They're all in Athens, right?

Most of them are in Athens -- but only 39 percent. There's a map at the bottom of this post for your enjoyment. I think the data are right.

Surprising about Athens, eh? Out of the 1,690 buildings on the UGA database, 659 are listed as being in Athens. So, you ask, where are the rest of them? Glad you asked since I need something to do with this spreadsheet. Here ya go, the Top Five:

1. Athens (39.0 percent)
2. Eatonton (12.7 percent)
3. Tifton (10.8 percent)
4. Griffin (5.4 percent)
5. Watkinsville (4.3 percent)

Eatonton is the Rock Eagle camp, as anyone who has had kids knows all too well. Tifton and Griffin are obvious, UGA has campuses there, and Watkinsville is the location of a lot of ag stuff. Near the end of the list is the fun stuff -- a building in Costa Rica, Washington D.C., and my favorite, Oxford University (104 Banbury Road, to be exact).

The weirdest? UGA has 40 buildings listed in Aiken, South Carolina. Why? Mostly having to do with the Savannah River site, I suppose.

Again, the map is below. Expand it to see UGA stuff in Italy and Oxford, etc.

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