Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Baby Names

Everyone saw the story this week on the top baby names for 2015 (Noah and Emma) based on data from the Social Security Administration. Instead of that, I wondered in the last 100 years what names most often grabbed #1. Here they are:

Female Names

  • Mary was #1 40 times
  • Jennifer, 15 times
  • Emily, 12 times
  • Jessica, 9 times
  • Lisa, 8 times
So as you can see, Emma is a fast riser of late and Mary has seriously dropped with it last being #1 in 1965.

Male Names
  • Michael was #1 44 times
  • Robert, 17 times
  • Jacob, 14 times
  • James, 13 times
  • John, 8 times
Noah, this year (and last year's) #1 name has only been #1 3 times. Michael was last #1 in 1998.

Other Factoids
  • Olivia has never been #1 but it's been #2 the last couple of years. It's a climber. Watch out for it next year. On the male side watch out for Liam. It's a climber there.
  • There are fewer names on the male side that have been #1 than on the female side. Only seven male names have made it to #1. On the female side, 10 names have been #1 in the last 100 years.

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