Thursday, April 7, 2016

Walking to Work

Not many of us live close enough to walk to work, but in Georgia I found an interesting factoid. Below are the Top Ten Georgia counties in terms of percent who walked to work (percent who did so in parentheses, data 2010-2012).
  1. Calhoun (19.5%)
  2. Towns (9.4%)
  3. Chattahoochee (6.9%)
  4. Turner (6.1%)
  5. Clarke (5.7%)
  6. Wilkes (5.7%)
  7. Lumpkin (4.7%)
  8. Pulaski (4.2%)
  9. Liberty (4.1%)
  10. Dade (3.9%)
What's striking is Calhoun County. I see no obvious reason why this speck in the southwest corner of the state should be so much higher than the rest of the state. Sure, there's only one red light in the county, or so says the source of all knowledge -- Wikipedia -- but still, that's a hell of a difference compared to all the rest of the state.

Clarke I expected to be high, perhaps even #1, but it's a measly #5. Oconee is #112 with 0.9 percent of commuters who hoof it. As you can tell from the map below, there's no geographic rhyme or reason behind the data, with darker colors meaning a greater percentage of walkers.

Data Source Here

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