Friday, April 22, 2016

Christian-like Correction

So there was an odd story I came across Thursday, one that kinda threw me because I'd heard nothing about it. See the screen grab below. Note the hed: University of Georgia. Same in the lede. But the dateline is all wrong, and later the story it suggests it's University of North Georgia.

Confusing, right? I commented below the story asking for a clarification because if this happened at UGA, the local news media missed it. I also sent an email to the editor. I never received a response to my email and, interestingly, my comment on the story was removed. BUT ... the story was corrected, with no notice of a correction being made. Here's what you see today. Note the change in hed and lede.

Apparently it's not Christian to acknowledge corrections and tell your audience you screwed up. C'mon, folks, it's Journalism 101 to put a correction notice. You know, confess.

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