Thursday, February 4, 2016

UGA Travel Winners

One of the oddities of the UGA salary data (fresh out for 2015) is it includes travel monies. You know what I mean, the hundred bucks here, the hundred bucks there, that some of us use to attend scholarly conferences or engage in research.

Well, there's travel money, and then there's travel money. Here are the top folks, according to state data out this week. The names have been removed to protect the frequent flyer. In parentheses is that person's salary for 2015 as well, just for fun). Oh, and the top person is a scientist in the college of ag and environmental sciences, so that kinda makes sense and probably paid for by grants.

  1. $55,268.46 ($194,529.80)
  2. $46,745.38 ($168,885.96)
  3. $38,865.51 ($103,173.00)
  4. $35,516.28 ($104,213.90)
  5. $34,245.79 ($30,018.79) 
OK, hold on. What the hell with that last one with travel higher than salary? This person is a research professional with an institute on campus. I can only assume this individual travels a lot as part of a grant. You do see that kind of thing, though for the most part the travel money seems to line up well with the salary money. How well? Well, Mr. Correlation tells us it's r = .51. That's a fairly significant correlation.

Oh, by the way, I get about a thousand dollars a year in travel money. A thousand bucks. Just thought I'd add a little bitter context.

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