Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Politico's "insiders"

I enjoy reading Politico every morning, though I refuse to use all-caps for its name. I also wonder about its "Insiders" series of stories based on semi-anonymous interviews with, obviously, campaign insiders from key states as we grind our way through the presidential nomination process.

So far we've had Iowa, in which the "insiders" predicted Trump and Clinton wins. Trump didn't win, and Clinton barely did (and some Sanders fans dispute even that, but like Cam Newton can we just set aside the sulking and whining?). In all fairness, the "insiders" didn't write off a Cruz victory in Iowa (which he won). So a point for that.

How about tonight, in New Hampshire?

The "insiders" predict Trump and Sanders will be the winners. Safe bets, both. The insiders also kinda like Cruz and Rubio as second-place finishers. We'll see on that one. If Google searches are any indication, we may be in for a surprise there.

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