Monday, December 28, 2015

End of 2015

As 2015 ends, time for the blog's year in review. That is, traffic and most popular posts and so on. Below is the traffic all time, really since my initial post of May 2, 2007. So far, there have been 1,656 posts.

As you can see above, the most popular posts are a few years ago and that 2015 was a humdrum year as traffic goes. Then again, blogs are soooo 2005, so that's hardly surprising. Those old, wildly popular posts are from the infamous The Red & Black walkout and three of my top five posts are about that as I supported the students against the board.

Some of my most popular 2015 posts included a judge's idiotic gag order in a local murder trial, an early peek at UGA pay raises, me bitching about UGA's new grading system, and of course the death of beloved JOUR3410.

Turning back to all-time stats, Google continues to dominate in terms of traffic sources, followed by Twitter and Facebook. The top search term that lands people here is "cognitive mobilization." Why? Because I did a couple of posts about it, published one study in the paradigm a million years ago, and it remains a popular research topic in Europe. Which of course raises the question of countries. Most traffic, unsurprisingly, comes from the U.S., followed by Russia, Germany, and Ukraine.

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