Friday, November 20, 2015

UGA Students: Countries of Origin

This odd and kinda sad incident earlier this week on the UGA campus about the cops being called on a kid with an Arabic flag got me wondering about where our international students come from. All we have to work with at present are the Fall 2014 data available in the UGA Factbook (2014 version, obviously). Work your way to Page 25 and you'll find a list of countries as well as how many undergrad and grad students come from there, or you can look at the bad screen shot below. Sorry, the Factbook is in stupid PDF format so I can't easily scrape the data at the moment for analysis, such as sort by number of students. We'll have to eyeball it and hope for the rest.

First off, China beats everyone (total of 829 students). Then again, it has a lot more people to work with. After that comes South Korea (total of 378 students), and India (262 students). After those well-peopled countries we downshift to the double digits and places like Canada (82) and Brazil (82), etc.

Yeah yeah, but the stupid scare earlier this week prompted by an overzealous and misinformed UGA administrative assistant had to do with a student with the Saudi Arabian flag. In Fall 2014, at least, I see no students listed from there. Perhaps his roots are there but he's a citizen of another country. Neither is Syria represented. However, given at least five of the terrorists who attacked Paris were from France, we do have 15 students from that country.


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