Thursday, October 29, 2015

UGA Overreach?

Can UGA tell students what they can wear off campus?

Obvious answer -- no.

But there's this story today, an interesting one by OnlineAthens, in which an email was sent to sorority members at UGA from the administration warning them about the so-called Frat Beach, an infamous booze-filled beach gathering before the Georgia-Florida game. The email was from Panhellenic, which is basically the administration of Greek Life. Lemme quote a few of the most tasty bits of the email:
3) NO LETTERS, SYMBOLS, #’S, OR ANYTHING THAT REPRESENTS YOUR SORORITY. Your sorority will be held accountable for it’s members and will be subject to Panhellenic Standards.
First, Panhellenic, learn the difference between its and it's. Also, enough with the all-caps. It's amateurish. And second, I'm fairly certain it's a violation of the First Amendment for you to enforce a dress code off campus. They're at a beach, not a university function. If an individual sorority wants to say no letters, that's one thing and perfectly acceptable, but you can't enforce it.

And there's more
4) Hold yourself and your friends accountable. (Buddy System). Never let someone roam around alone and go with someone everywhere - even to the bathroom. “Two is better than one” ;) Don’t forgot to help people in need - we are a community; we should have EVERYONE’S BACKS!
Dear Panhellenic: You're allowed the use of three exclamation points in your entire career. You just used one of them. Plus the call-caps thing. Just stop. And my favorite reminders to UGA sorority ladies.
And finally, there's this gem that manages to use, yet again, an exclamation point while also being nauseatingly nauseating.
6) “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” does not apply in St. Simons or Jacksonville. You are always representing Panhellenic, your sorority, and more importantly, UGA!
But other than mocking an email, the real issue to me is whether or not Panhellenic can order what can and cannot be worn at a beach in south Georgia before a football game. I get a chapter saying its members should not wear the letters, and I might even buy into a Panhellenic vote on such a thing by representatives of chapters or houses, but I don't buy you can get away with telling via an email what they can and cannot wear -- unless it's a UGA function. And maybe not even then.

Of course I could be wrong, but I find this fascinating while also disturbing, so remember this sorority gals -- all urination must be in private.

Apparently you need to be reminded of this.

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