Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Been Around a While

I started this blog in May 2007, so it's been around a while. It's original mission was to focus on research about media and politics but over the years it's morphed into commentary about current events, media coverage, polls, and criticism of journalism. It's also played a minor supporting role in a student newspaper walkout and earned me criticism from that very same student newspaper. Heh, maybe I'll sit out the next student walkout. My response to their response, here.

See the graphic below for the most popular posts, at least in terms of traffic.

Dominating the list is stuff about the Great R&B Walkout, which also resulted in me being interviewed supporting the students in various national media outlets. It was an odd time as many faculty either sat it out or were more quiet in their student support.

I'm rarely quiet. Plus I have the advantage of rank (full professor) and tenure.

Some of the others below have other explanations. The fourth and fifth place ones are about popular areas of research, so a lot of scholars end up here reading the material, or at least scoffing at it. Then there's one about a local gag order I bitched about, and then yet more R&B stuff.  On a normal day I'm read by ones of people, maybe tens of people. So check it out below.

I've written a total of 1,625 posts (counting this one) from May 2007 to Oct. 7, 2015, when I posted this one. I want to hit 2,000 before I hit the 10-year mark. I figure the election year will help.

I've also blogged good story ideas that are often, eventually, picked up by student or local media. And sometimes I reveal the innards of Grady's politics, but not as often as I'd like.

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