Wednesday, September 16, 2015

UGA's University "Council"

I'm in the middle of a 3-year stint in hell, better known as the University Council. Now you might think this is a legislative body that acts as a check and balance on the administration. If so, you'd be wrong.

Think out it -- the Council is run by ... the UGA president. You want even fewer checks and balances? See below:
For the 2014-2015 term, the Council currently is comprised of 214 members, 153 of which are faculty representing the various schools, colleges, and administrative units, 8 representing Staff Council, 19 who are student representatives, and 34 who are serving in an ex-officio capacity. Each meeting is run by the President of the University of Georgia, who acts as President of the University Council. Assisting the President during each meeting is the Chair of the University Council Executive Committee, the Registrar, who serves as Secretary to the Council, and the Parliamentarian, who provides guidance on the rules of order for meetings.
So while 7-out-of-10 members are faculty, we have 34 administrative types on the council (I originally wrote lackeys and decided that was too harsh). And believe me, they always come, and they always vote as one. Faculty don't always come. They have work to do. I count seven members from the office of academic affairs and eight members from the office of public service and outreach. Really? Why? Of course deans and our many vice presidents are ex-officio members (yes, they can vote, too).

Who has the most representation? It makes sense, given the sizes of the colleges. The top ones are:

1. Franklin (42)
2. CAES (15)
3. Education (12)
4. Vet Med (10
5. Staff Council (8)
6. Biz School (8)
7. Office of public service (wtf?) 8
8. Office of academic affairs (wtf again), 6
9. Student reps of Franklin (6)
10. Family and Consumer Science (5)

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