Thursday, September 24, 2015

UGA Travel

Sometimes I just mess around with UGA data. Out of curiosity, I wondered about the ratio of travel money an employee receives to the salary that same employee receives. So, using 2014 fiscal year data, the last available, I looked at a few winners. No names mentioned because, frankly, they're mostly techs and the like, not faculty.

  • Research assistant, a $27k salary but $40k in travel expenses. Wow. I get maybe a thousand bucks in travel each year. This is the biggest difference I found between salary and travel.
  • Another research assistant, $24k in salary, $26k in travel. Clearly if you want to see the world, be a research assistant at UGA.
  • A "research professional" with a $27k salary and $29k in travel. Much like the jobs above.
  • A lab assistant with only $2k salary and $3k in travel.
and so it goes. In fairness, a lot of these are folks assisting profs in their work, either in the field or at conferences and the like. The biggest gap in the other direction (fat salary, little travel)? Take out coaches and top admins, who get their travel paid in other ways, you end up with a chem prof who makes $377,584.80 in salary with $15,587.13 in travel. Biggest gap I could find. Next is a couple of biz school types who make over 300K. Yeah. Pffft.

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