Monday, September 14, 2015

SEC East vs West, via Obama

As you may know, the Obama Administration released it's scorecard of all colleges and universities. Me being me, I decided to once again put the SEC East vs West via the scorecard and see how they stack up. Below are Cost, Graduation Rate, and Salary of Graduates. I've ordered the list by Salary for each division. No surprise that Vandy leads the East, nor that A&M leads the West.

Cost GradRate Salary
Vandy 17,340 92% 60,900
UF 12,582 86% 51,300
UGA 11,990 83% 46,500
Mizzouri 16,940 70% 46,000
Tenn 14,162 67% 42,300
USC 16,523 73% 42,100
Kentucky 14,333 60% 41,500
Texas A&M 10,912 79% 52,900
LSU 11,610 68% 45,900
Auburn 17,541 68% 45,400
Arkansas 11,861 60% 43,600
Alabama 20,916 67% 42,400
Ole Miss 13,858 58% 40,600
Miss State 15,983 60% 39,600

The average salary for East schools is $47,229. The average for the West is $44,343. This looks a lot like the academic comparison I did of East and West schools the other day, in which the Mississippi schools kill the West and Vandy props up the East. Take Vandy out of the East and the average salary of a graduate is basically the same, $44,950 in East, $44,343 in West.

If interested, you can deep dive the UGA stats here.


I looked up my alma mater, the University of North Alabama (sometimes known as TUNA, and yes we once tried to rename the school paper -- without success -- the TUNA wrapper) and I'm happy to report my salary beats the average. Go Lions.

Also, I computed "bang for the buck" numbers for the SEC data above. In other words, the cost as compared to the salary. The best is Texas A&M, followed by UF, then LSU and UGA.

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