Thursday, August 27, 2015

Excessive Drinking

Athens-Clarke County, home of UGA. Party School. Downtown bars. Vomiting students. Underage possession. You know the story. So you'd expect Clarke County to rank high in the state in terms of percent who meet the "excessive drinking" threshold.

No, not really.

According to the 2015 Georgia health data, the statewide average is 13 percent. The "winners" in the county excessive drinking contest are (envelope please) ...

1. Dawson (18%)
2. Fulton (16%)
3. (tie) Muscogee, Forsyth (15%)
5. (tie) Cobb, Chatham, DeKalb, and Richmond (13%)

So where's Athens-Clarke, home of UGA? Would you believe 31st place? At 9 percent "excessive drinking?" Wow. I'm not sure that word, excessive, means what they think it means.

Methodology note -- not every county is measured on excessive drinking. Perhaps people there were too drunk to ask other drunk people how much they drink. So the rankings cover just 58 of 159 counties.

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