Monday, August 3, 2015

Debate Drinking Game

As you no doubt know -- and have already stocked up on popcorn and beer for -- the GOP debate is Thursday night. We'll learn Tuesday which 10 of the 17 announced candidates earn a podium on the main stage and which  are voted off the political island and into debate oblivion.

I take this stuff seriously. So in that spirit, I ask -- what's a good drinking game for Thursday night? Some suggestions:
  • Every insult by or toward Donald Trump
  • Every time Hillary Clinton mentioned
  • Every time Trump touches his hair
  • Mentions of Obama
  • Mentions of ISIS/ISIL/ETC
  • Mentions of Obamacare
  • Every attack on Jeb Bush 
  • Every time Trump is ignored
You get the idea. I think the insults by or toward Trump will provide you with an adequate buzz, suitable at least for a Thursday night. If the debate were on a Friday night, we'd have to go to several of these to really get a buzz on.

Other suggestions welcome.

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