Friday, August 7, 2015

Carson Won?

There's at least one poll out that says, believe it or not, Ben Carson won last night's GOP presidential debate. No. Really.

Now this is a poll conducted by Gravis Marketing, called in one story the worst poll in America. It's a robo-poll conducted right after the debate of registered Republican voters. It's key to note it's not of likely primary voters. Still, let's get to the results. See the screen grab below.

Carson won, followed by Trump, within the 3 percent margin of error. After that comes Rubio (who did have a good debate) and Bush (who was mediocre) and Huckabee (who was kooky). Kasich and the rest are all kinda close.

That Paul lost the debate, that's actually my sense as well. That Trump finishes second as both having "won" and "lost" the debate fits nicely with his high negatives. If you didn't like him before the debate, you sure as hell didn't like him after.

Again, don't make much of this. It's a robo poll, which can result in a biased sample, and it's of registered, not likely, voters. Still, it is kinda interesting as I don't know of any educated analysts who would say Carson won. For much of the debate, he looked frightened by the flood lights. He did well later, so perhaps his strong ending helped.

Who won? No one. But Rubio and Kasich helped themselves the most.

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