Tuesday, June 9, 2015


So here's the hed from my local paper:

Morehead now among
highest-paid collegiate
presidents in U.S.

This is about Jere Morehead, UGA's fairly new prez. You'd see this hed and think, wow, he must be in the Top 10. But by my count, according to data here, he's in 92nd place. I dumped the data and did a rank sort. What the paper does do is kinda add new raise info, but that's not really fair unless you also check for raises among all the other university presidents on the list and calculate it again. Maybe all 91 before him also got raises. He's above the median, barely. Think about that. The median is the midpoint. That means he's probably in the, oh, 55th percentile, at best 60th. That's hardly "highest-paid."

The hed is wrong. The lede is better.
University of Georgia president Jere Morehead and two other Georgia university presidents are now among the highest paid public-college presidents in the United States, judging from a just released survey of college presidents’ pay.
That's more nuanced, as it focuses on public-college presidents. Even so, just a glance at that list will see lots and lots and lots of public college presidents ahead of poor President Morehead (who, by the way, is giving $100,000 of his raise to a scholarship at UGA.).

Yes, this kind of stuff bothers me. Even in summer.

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