Friday, May 1, 2015

Survey Time

I live on the Athens scenic east side -- which is a nice way of saying I see a lot of Lexington Road. The road is a mess, especially with the afternoon rush, but it's just a mess in lots of other ways too.

And when something's a mess, what do you do? A survey, of course.

So there's this story, which will take you to this survey (above), about what should be done along the Lexington Road corridor. Okay, kids. Let's do that survey. It's on Survey Monkey. They spared no expense.

The very first question is open-ended. "In your words, define this corridor." That's not a particularly good way to open a survey, with an open-ended question like that. And no, I'm not going to critique every friggin question, but I would not open up with something so vague and, honestly, frustrating. You'll lose respondents that way. It's Public Opinion 101.

There are a total of 15 questions, some open-ended, some with follow-ups that require written responses. Nothing wrong with that. A few are focused on the airport which, frankly, few in Athens really cares about. If I'm flying, it's out of (sigh) Atlanta.

The real question is, can I do the survey over and over again?


If you're using the same device, it logs that device's unique identifier. If you want to vote early and often, use multiple devices.

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