Friday, May 15, 2015

Eight? Really?

The state GOP convention is in Athens (where I live) for the next few days. A handful of presidential hopefuls are visiting as well, pressing the flesh, giving speeches, doing what candidates or pseudo-candidates do.

And a poll is out that looks at Georgia Republicans and who they're for. Here's a key point before we get into the results -- no poll this early means a damn thing. Still, polls are fun. Scroll down the piece and you'll see a framed brief description of the results, such as they are, or see the pdf here. It's a survey of 500 Republicans. I can't tell, yet, whether it includes cell phones or relies just on robo-landline calls. Let's set that side for a moment and get to the fascinating part, for me -- the race breakdown.

Racial Breakdown N=500

Whites: 483
Blacks: 8
Other: 9

 Wow, eight blacks in the poll. Eight. And yet, the poll reports the presidential nominee preferences of those eight people. The margin of error for those 8 respondents? About 35 percent, more or less. In other words, absolutely useless. Another interesting result, only 9 percent of respondents are ages 18-39. That makes me wonder if it wasn't a landline robo-poll, which can skew older.

Okay, but who's ahead? Here's the breakdown:

1. Mike Huckabee (18.3 percent)
2. Undecided (15.6 percent)
that's right, Undecided firmly holds onto second place
3. Ben Carson (15.4 percent)
4. Scott Walker (12.6 percent)
5. Jeb Bush (10.1 percent)

And then a bunch of others you can look up yourself.

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