Friday, April 3, 2015

Mental and Physical Health -- Georgia Data

There's a site with 2015 health data, which you can analyze by state or all the counties in the U.S. Looking at Georgia, I wondered how the counties ranked in terms of "mentally unhealthy" and "physically unhealthy" days.

And I really figured, Athens-Clarke has gotta be mentally unhealthy.

First, a couple of caveats. Not every county has data. And there are some wide margins of error here. Okay, those aside, let's have some fun.

Counties with the most "mentally unhealthy" days were Turner and Chattooga. Counties with the most "physically unhealthy" days were Warren (by far on this measure), followed by Evans and Atkinson.

Yeah yeah, but how about the Athens area? Athens-Clarke is pretty far down the list on mental health, 81st (high rank is bad as I reversed it, with a rank of #1 meaning the best, with 4.3 bad mental health days (not sure if a week, a month, or what, can't find it). Clarke is better on physical, ranked 28th.
  • Oconee -- apparently it doesn't measure mental health (insert your own joke here). In the number of physically unhealthy days, though, Oconee ranks as the second lowest. Nice.
  • Jackson -- kinda like Athens-Clarke, 81st in mental, 58th in physical.
  • Oglethorpe -- bad, with 81st on mental, 116th on physical

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