Thursday, April 16, 2015

Best Hospitals

Someone on Twitter mentioned this site and its list of hospital rankings, so I downloaded the Excel file and, of course, wondered how Georgia hospitals did. Below, the rankings (in terms of # of stars):

5 Stars

Bacon County Hospital (Alma)
Northside Medical Center (Columbus)
Southeastern Regional Medical Center (Neunan)
Emanuel Medical Center (Swainsboro)

4 Stars

A whole lot of them, including St. Mary's Hospital (Athens), Emory, etc. Interesting that Emory only gets 4 stars. Very interesting.

3 Stars

Athens Regional Medical Center (oh great, I have a procedure there next week), and a whole crapload of other hospitals.

2 Stars

Bah, skip it.

1 Star

Scary places, I assume. Only two Georgia hospitals get a measly 1-star vote -- Southern Regional Medical Center in Riverdale and Emory-Adventist in Smyrna. 

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