Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wikipedia -- UGA

Sometimes when I have a few minutes I like to look up who has edited a Wikipedia page. For example, UGA administrators (where I work) have, on occasion, edited the passages about our former president.

And so, here's this UGA passage that was changed last month. The original on the left, the, um, creative language on the right. Don't worry, it was later changed.

Okay, but who did it? Someone from a certain IP number -- -- as told to us by the "history" function of the site. Who the hell is that? Check out this below: Toomsboro, Georgia. Ignore some of the noise, like Ga. Dept. of Education in Athens.

Or, here's a map:

A different search identified the location as Irwinton, Georgia, population 583. So how hard could it be to find the person? I even did a latitude and longitude search of the location, but it shows up in the middle of the woods.

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