Thursday, March 12, 2015

My House, Googled

For fun, I did a Google search on our address: 130 Greenbrier Way. I was curious about the different bits of info that might pop up and, especially, how accurate it may be. Here's a summary in order of how Google reported back to me.
  1. A Google Map. Exactly right.
  2. Trulia has a summer pic and says the market value is $136, 706. The other info looks right and most sites pull it off the same database. Says we have six rooms. We have eight, if you count bathrooms. Maybe they're not.
  3. And has the same pic. Maybe all these sites pull from the same source? Oddly it says the house was renovated in 2001. We're the only owners. It's never been renovated. Believe me. Says six rooms and 2.5 baths. No. We have 2 baths. Everyone has this wrong. Estimated value, $140,400.
  4. has us at $137,100 in value with a nice graphic that compares how the value has changed compared to the county and the zip code.
  5. Something called findthehome has the number of baths right. Again with the 2001 major renovation. What the hell are they talking about? Value is low, $126,934. Way below what it's really worth. Interesting.
There's some other stuff, such as a Google map of where I've lived, a pdf of minutes from a meeting where we represented the neighborhood, and some reverse phone number lookup stuff. 

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