Thursday, March 19, 2015

More on UGA Prez

Finishing up playing with data about UGA's presidents. I wrote the other day about how not every former president has something (a building, a stadium, an outhouse) named after him. Here's the actual list below of every UGA president since the dawn of time and what's named after him as the place is presently used (there are no hers, at least not yet). Stanford and Finley have nothing that I can find, at least nothing large like a dorm or a building on campus. See my previous post, linked above, as to why this may be the case.

The first three names are the current and two most recent presidents. Too soon for them, plus when they do get around to naming a building after Dr. Adams, that will be an interesting time. 

President Facilities
Morehead Too Soon
Adams Too Soon
Knapp Too Soon
Stanford Nothing
Davison Academic
Aderhold Academic
Rogers Road & Apts
Caldwell Academic
Sanford Stadium & Road
Snelling Dining Hall
Barrow Academic
Hill Dorm
Boggs Dorm
Mell Dorm
Tucker Academic
Lipscomb Dorm
Church Dorm
Wadel Academic
Finley Nothing
Brown Dorm
Meigs Academic
Baldwin Academic

Finally, just messing around some more, I looked at how the lives of the UGA presidents overlapped. Below is a graphic that sums it up, one I posted on Twitter on Wednesday. Click on it to get a better view, for what it's worth. Kinda interesting if you're into history and UGA.

There's probably a story in all of this somewhere. Then again, I usually think there's a story in this kind of stuff, even when there isn't. If I missed a facility above, please let me know. Happy to make corrections.

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