Tuesday, February 17, 2015


It's an old complaint of mine -- SLOPs.

That stands for self-selected opinion polls. They're entertaining, but they're bogus. And the AJC has one up and running for your journalistic enjoyment. I saw it via Twitter.
To be fair, this is a blog, not a news story, so I'm not gonna complain too much. The choices are
  • Shorter wait times
  • Routes closer to my home
  • Extended hours of service
  • More transit cops on board
  • Better connections to trains
You can only vote once, which is good. I voted for routes closer to my home because, well, I live in Athens. Fairly sure MARTA does not have a route close to my home.

Oh, and on Twitter there were a few funny responses to the question of what MARTA can do. My favorite?  Not smell like pee

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