Friday, December 12, 2014

Dream College List

So here's the hed from a site:

The Official List Of Dream Colleges
High School Students
Wish They Could Attend 

And you think, wow, that's some list. Wouldn't Ivy schools be at the top? Or maybe Hawaii? You'd be wrong. The list itself, such as it is, can be found here, but lemme discuss my favorite topic -- methodology.

First, what's the school people dream they could attend?

1. University of Michigan

Don't get me wrong, Michigan is a helluva school, maybe the best public university in the country, but does anyone actually dream of being in Michigan? Especially in, say, February?

2. San Diego State University

Okay, terrific weather, an okay school, but ya dream about it? Really? There are some other oddities on the list, as in #7 being University of Alabama. Other than football, there's no real reason to dream of being there. Ole Miss is #18. Okay, maybe. It is a pretty place, though no academic powerhouse. And UGA comes in at #25. I can buy that.

Important note -- not a single Ivy is on the list. I'm fairly sure people dream about Harvard more than they do about Ole Miss.

Okay, so exactly how did they come up with this "dream" list? You tell me, because I can't find any mention of methodology. There is a funny comment at the bottom of the piece, basically a WTF response. If you find the method to this madness, lemme know. Best I can tell, a lot of this site's stuff is generated by one guy in a kinda sorta Buzzfeed ripoff style with lots of silly (some funny) lists.

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