Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Where UGA Players Come From

I was messing with some data and created this map of where players listed on UGA's football roster are from (hometowns). See it below, click on a red dot to get more info.

Okay, fine. As is obvious, Georgia tends to get most of its players from -- Georgia. Actually 89, or 72.4 percent of them. Second is Florida with 17 players (13.8 percent). After that it's a scattering from North Carolina, South Carolina (4 each) and then other states.

Yeah yeah, that's all well and good, but can you do anything else with these data? Well, eyeballing it I can say ... not much. I tried to look at positions and states, hoping for a trend. Florida players are all over the map, though three of the 17 are listed as inside linebackers, for what that's worth. All of the free safeties come from Georgia (6), as are all three of the DB (defensive back?). The roster lists more wide receivers and inside linebackers than any other position (9 each). 

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