Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Study Abroad

(update below)

UGA is ranked 17th in terms of total numbers of students who study abroad. That's pretty damn good and it's something Georgia encourages to the point of being obnoxious about it. Click on the link to see entire list, but it's clear the roots of some of the differences. One is location (major metro), another is being an expensive school, and the final is enrollment size. Me being me, I decided to deal with the latter and to see what schools do well controlling for enrollment.

I got most of my enrollment figures from this site, which is 2011 data, and figured what percentage of the total enrollment studied abroad. Most of the schools enroll more students now, but the differences between schools is minimal. Here and there I had to supplement with other data to flesh out the list and I'm not perfectly happy with some of the numbers. Still, here is the new and improved Top 10 (because I don't wanna type 20) for study abroad. See below. Notice right off how well smaller schools do in this format. And of course UGA cracks the list, coming in at 9th.

Study Abroad Ranked by Percent of Students
  1. George Washington University
  2. Northeastern University
  3. Miami (Ohio) University
  4. University of Pennsylvania
  5. New York University
  6. University of Southern California
  7. Boston University
  8. San Diego state University
  9. University of Georgia
  10. University of Michigan

I found some slightly better data. The list changes, with Northeastern taking first place, NYU moving up to 2nd, Penn at 3rd. UGA stays in 8th and Miami of Ohio drops to 9th. I suppose for Georgia readers the point remains the same -- UGA does well when you consider enrollment.

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