Sunday, November 2, 2014

Perdue, Inching Ahead

David Perdue, the Republican candidate for Georgia U.S. Senate, is on a poll roll. A poll out Sunday by NBC/Marist has him ahead of Michelle Nunn 48-44 among "likely voters" and 45-43 among "registered voters" (3.3 percent margin of error). This piles on the poll edge for him. Yes, it's a small edge, all within the statistical margins of error, but when you see poll after poll reporting a lead, you take it seriously.

Still, he can't seem to get to 50 percent. A runoff is likely.

The survey has some interesting stuff. Nunn is slightly ahead, 49-47, on "favorable" and she wins on the "unfavorable" scores as well. It also includes a list of the most important issues in the election. These are not offered by respondents but, rather, presented as a list for respondents to choose from (this can make a difference).  Jobs and economic growth is #1, no surprise, followed by "Breaking the partisan gridlock in Washington to get things done" (I assume a Nunn issue) and "health care" (I assume a Perdue issue). Only 7 percent thought ISIS was the most important issue. Ebola (thankfully) was not on the list. I can't tell, quickly, how the poll was conducted. NBC story here.

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