Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Having a Bad Mental Health Day?

I love health statistics. I was messing with a map for this but ran out of time, so you'll have to settle for a list of the Georgia counties and which have the least, or most, bad mental health days (2014 data).

Who has the fewest? The mentally healthy winners are, per month:
  1. Lincoln (1.5 mentally healthy days). Happy, shiny people.
  2. Towns (1.8)
  3. Monroe (2.0)
  4. Union (2.2)
  5. (tie) Houston, Miller, and Pierce (2.4)

Lincoln and Towns counties are in northeast Georgia. Interesting.

Some counties have no data. Maybe that means all their mental health days are good. Or maybe they're all bad. Or maybe they're having such a lousy mental health day that they can't even bring themselves to do math.  Georgia's average, by the way, is 3.3 bad mental health days a month, which sounds reasonable. Okay, who is the worst? Let's rank them from the worst on:
  1. (tie) Turner and Chattooga (6.8)
  3. White (6.2)
  4. Crawford (5.7)
  5. Polk

Turner is in the middle lower part of Georgia, Chattooga in the northwest corner, so you can't draw any serious geographic significance from their position at the, um, top of the list.  White County is in the northeast corner. No geographic help there. Crawford is in the lower middle, while Polk is up near Chattooga. In other words, given the wide margins of error here, it's hard to draw much of a geographic significance. Poverty doesn't seem to explain the results either.

Oh, as for local counties, Clarke ranks 59th out of 114 counties with actual data. Not so good, and yet I'm fairly certain UGA students alone skew the data. Oconee, which is practically perfect in every way, ranks not at all because apparently math is not taught in the schools there, at least when it comes to something as politically incorrect or bad PR as to count bad mental health days.

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