Friday, October 31, 2014

Yet Another Georgia Poll

A new Georgia poll is out, this one by Landmark conducted for WSB-TV. It shows:
  • Michelle Nunn tied with David Perdue, 47-47.
  • Nathan Deal ahead of Jason Carter, 48-46.
You can get more specifics about what I assume is a robo-poll, which is about the only way you can survey 1,500 "likely voters" in a single day. As such, use some skepticism when viewing the results. Landmark received a C+ from Nate Silver's pollster rankings given in part because it fails to call cell phones and is not part of the polling transparency programs. According to Silver's analysis, it also leans slightly Republican.

The survey reached 29.3 percent African Americans. Women made up 55.1 percent of the sample. Democrats made up 39.7 percent of the sample, Republicans 46.3 percent. It's unclear, given how little methodology is presented, whether these numbers reflect raw results or were statistically weighted after the poll was conducted. Yes, that can make a difference.

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