Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Corruption is Me

As my tens of loyal readers know, I've been on a mission to pummel the NewsSource students into submission when it comes to running their online poll, better known in the industry as a SLOP. You can read my most recent post here, including a response to their tweet this morning (since, I think, deleted without explanation).

I replied to this morning's tweet and pointed to my blog, and had an odd phone call a little while ago asking if I was the tweeter who blogged the tweet, or some such thing. I said yeah. Now I know why.

Below is what you see for the "revised" survey.

Journalism is about, in part, transparency. To say "our previous anecdotal survey that we released was corrupted and recorded multiple responses from a single respondent" is a questionable, if not ethically-challenged way to respond. Let me help you.
  1. Your system allowed multiple responses.
  2. After voting, your system encouraged multiple responses by giving the option to "Submit Another Response." Think about that.
  3. You have now added "anecdotal" to the survey. Dudes, it was always at best anecdotal, and at worst misleading. Please, look up SLOP.
  4. You did not fully explain why there is a change. That's not treating your audience fairly. Ya know, transparency.
  5. And you suggest I corrupted a survey that you set up for multiple responses in the first place. Yeah, I'm a bit pissed. But more, this is about as ethically challenged a way to handle this as is humanly possible. I mean, WTF?
  6. But I am happy that now people cannot easily respond with multiple answers, using Google. Good. But still it's a SLOP, so DO NOT REPORT SUCH RESULTS IN A NEWSCAST OR SITE
I can't wait to hear about my corrupting influence in the 5 p.m. newscast. Maybe later I'll put on my trench coat and go hang around a playground.

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