Sunday, September 28, 2014

Voting Libertarian in Georgia

Where's the hotbed of libertarianism in Georgia? Nowhere, really, but if you rank the counties, it's Athens-Clarke -- home of me (and UGA) that comes out #1. You can see the Top 10  below, with the percent of all votes in 2012 cast for a Libertarian candidate.

1 Clarke 2.4
2 Dade 2.2
3 Murray 2.0
4 Franklin 1.9
5 Catoosa 1.8
6 Lumpkin 1.8
7 Cherokee 1.8
8 Chattooga 1.8
9 Chattahoochee 1.7
10 Rabun 1.7

If you know your geography, you'll recognize many of the counties above tend to be in North Georgia. The map below ranks the counties, darker colors being, of course, more "Libertarian," though this isn't by much, by at best a percentage point or two.

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