Thursday, September 4, 2014

Military Gear (again)

More and more data are being released on the militarization of police and the kinds of gear passed on to local governments through a federal program. I've written on this before (here, and here). Countless others have done the same with much more comprehensive and nuanced analyses. For fun, using a new version of the data I look at universities in Georgia and what they've received.

The short answer -- not all that much.
  • Columbus State University Police: three rifles.
  • Emory University Police: an image intensifier (no idea what that is).
  • Fort Valley State University Police: two refrigerators, a fan, and a set of firefighter clothes (helmet, coat, trousers).
  • Kennesaw State University Police: six rifles.
And that's it. Kennesaw seems the best armed, Fort Valley State the best able to host a party, and the Emory cops seem to want to intensify images. Yes, insert your own joke here on that one.

And I am disappointed in my own UGA police, who seem to have missed the militarization bus on this one.


Who received the most stuff in Georgia?  According to this new-and-improved list:
  1. Villa Rica Police (590 items)
  2. Ga. Dept. of Public Safety (546)
  3. Carroll County Sheriff (506)
  4. Ga. DNR in Social Circle (406)
  5. Warner Robins Police (359)
  6. Telfair City Sheriff (260) [a city sheriff?]
  7. Lee County Sheriff (254)
  8. Bartow County Sheriff (213)
  9. Carrollton Police (167)
  10. Douglas County Sheriff (166)

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