Thursday, August 7, 2014

Crazy Kiddies

UGA shrubbery turns yellow in late August, and it's not because of the heat. 

In a week or so UGA students return. That means lots of underage possession charges. That means lots of public urination charges. Looking through the UGA police daily logs, we're already warming up for the Fall onslaught.

Here's a good one from a couple of days ago:
Underage possession, 3:22 a.m., East Campus Road. "Charges resulted from officer’s interaction with individual observed dancing in the roadway."
I almost want to go find the full police report. Was there music? Singing? Takes dancing in the street to a whole new level.

Sometimes it's just sad, like this one:
Warrant issued 07/25/14, charges resulted from complaint by Housing personnel of unconscious individual laying in vomit on bathroom floor, victim transported by EMS for apparent extreme intoxication at time of incident
Classes start August 18, but students will be showing up next week in dribs and drabs, moving into dorms and doing sorority rush and doing whatever the hell it is they do before classes begin. Get ready.

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