Friday, June 6, 2014

Partisan Tilt in TV Prez Coverage?

A study, just out this week, looks at the last three U.S. presidential campaigns and asks that age-old question: is there a partisan tilt? In this case, it asks it about the traditional broadcast alphabet soup networks of ABC, CBS, and NBC.

The answer might surprise you.

Some networks had a Republican tilt, some a Democratic tilt. That'll send some folks off to froth at the mouth, insisting that all media (save Fox, and even then some wingnuts aren't quite so sure) have a liberal-Democratic lean to their coverage. In 2008, there was an aggregate Republican tilt among the networks. Wow. Of course it all comes down to how you code stuff, but I'm writing this in a hurry and may take time later today to get into the guts of the study.

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